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My Role

Branding, Logo design,
Graphic Design

Branding identity concept for modern floral arrangement & styling company Petrichor.

Petrichor is a modern floral styling company adding unique creativity to arrangements to transform client's events. Modern minimalism is at the forefront of the business' vision and this is reflected through the branding which utilises simple lines and one colour to form the logotype.

The term Petrichor itself refers to the fresh, pleasant smell which comes with rain after a period of dry weather. The company embodies this same 'fresh', unique personality in the work they create, which differs from traditional floral practise and strives to push the boundaries of it.

The brand's imagery uses warm neutral colours meaning it was desirable to select brand colours which compliment these tones but also stand out against them. The deep green serves as a reminder for the earth and nature, while the blush pink transforms this into a more current, modern identity.

Imagery used is not owned and used for demonstration purposes only.

animation logo logo2.gif
logo series-03.png
newset test-05.jpg
Artboard 23 copy.png
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